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A few weeks later...  TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

The End.

Chapter 8: Scrap

Tink, Otto, and Stevia have tracked Jupiter down to an old scrapyard, and all that stands between them is a horde of rats who want to take Jupiter for themselves. It's the final showdown in this metal-crunching finale! TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 7: 40 Arpents

Tink, Stevia, and Otto are trapped in the back of a police cruiser after their disastrous foray into the Arabi Cannery. Escape is only a wake up! away, but Tink refuses to use her power anymore. Do her own needs outweigh the cost of giving life to the lifeless only to take it back again? TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 6: A Racket Like the Rapture

Security footage! Tink and the gang have to find it to erase the evidence of them sneaking around the cannery. But can they do it without getting caught?

A short episode to segue into our two-part finale! TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 5: A Way Out

The gang is close to finding Jupiter, tracking him to the Arabi Cannery. And with Tink's power to question every machine she encounters, nothing should stand in the way of finding her robot friend... Right? TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 4: How To Make It Sing

With Otto in tow, Tink has another set of eyes in the search for Jupiter, but when they accidentally unleash chaos at the grocery store, Tink learns that her power may do more harm than good. TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 3: Small Business

How do you find a game console that's come to life and scarpered?  Tink enlists more help of the mechanical variety on her quest to find Jupiter, but can she keep her powers under wraps? TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 2: The Thing You Seek

Tink sets out to find Jupiter and undo the damage she's caused, but between the bully Stevia, highway traffic, and rats (that can talk?!), more trouble may yet be on the way... TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Chapter 1: Wake Up

Tink's biggest problem this morning was burnt bacon. But now that she's found she can wake up machines, she must navigate chattering gadgets and bickering appliances, all while making sure mom doesn't find out. And then there's the problem of Jupiter... TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

Tink & Jupiter - Teaser

After Tink discovers one day that she can talk to machines, she accidentally brings to life an old gaming console named Jupiter. And when it escapes into the neighborhood, she sets out to find it and undo the damage it's caused.

Introduction by Leon Perniciaro and Jon Nathan Raby. TRANSCRIPT HERE (PDF)

(A Chicken Patty Mondays Production.)

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